Jeff Neithercutt completed his Bachelor of Science at CSU East Bay in Criminal Justice Administration, and his Masters Degree in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance from National University


With over 25 years of information technology experience, Jeff is a well-respected individual within the industry. He has published multiple pieces on information technology and is regularly a speaker at conferences.

During his career, Jeff Neithercutt spent 10 years working in the law enforcement industry as both a 911 dispatcher and a police officer as well as an additional six years as the Information Security Analyst for an international bank. Currently, Jeff is the Senior Cybersecurity consultant with firms specializing in information, security and technical consulting. Additionally, he is a college level educator and has taught over 30 different subjects for the CSU ;system and online certification groups.


As the son of a world-renowned Research Criminologist and founder of the Criminal Justice Department at CSUH,  Jeff had exposure to the criminal justice world at a very young age. In his early years, growing up in Northern California, Jeff Neithercutt had a dream of becoming a police officer and an astronaut. Being a police officer, however, was his first choice. At 18, he met his wife and best friend in a small town in California while attending a community college. At age 27, his daughter was born, and at age 36 he attended a police academy to pursue his dream. He became a police officer for 10 years soon after graduating from the academy. 

In the past 23 years, Jeff Neithercutt has also traveled to 22 countries. From the sandy beaches of the Carribean Islands, to the lush greenery on the coast of Ireland, Jeff has enjoyed every minute of his travels. 

"I think I enjoyed Salisbury Cathedral in Salisbury England the most out of all the destinations I've been to. I enjoyed seeing the Magna Carta because seeing one of the most influential legal documents in the world, only three feet in front of me, left me awestruck. It was very cool ," said Jeff. "I also enjoyed the food in their café." 

Jeff Neithercutt was forced to leave police work due to a systematic breakdown of how evidence is handled, and corruption where he worked. Unable to win his fight against a corrupt Police Command Staff, he and his wife embarked on the journey to develop Blockchain of Evidence to prevent other police officers and citizens from being hurt by the broken evidence system. 

Jeff decided to return to his education in Computer Security, getting his Masters Degree in cybersecurity to become a Senior Cybersecurity Consultant. His daughter attended a small Private College from 2016-2021 and earned a Masters Degree in English Literature with an Emphasis in Creative Writing, and advocates for people with disabilities on the side. His daughter is now helping both her parents get Blockchain of Evidence off the ground by acting as a writer and editor for their company. (She also created this website!!)